TANTIT - Mahmoud El-Sheikh combines with Mohamed Ramadan in a new music video

Executive Producer Mahmoud El-Sheikh is preparing to collaborate again with superstar Mohamed Ramadan in a new song called "TANTIT", and her clip is scheduled to be filmed in the coming days.

This comes after their collaboration in his latest video clip, "Bilaleen".

The last lyrical collaboration between Muhammad Ramadan and Mahmoud Al-Sheikh was the lyric clip “Bay Bye Secondary”, which included the song’s team.. Islam Shendi, who co-wrote the lyrics of the song with a foreign team, and the American distribution of rob knox, and general supervision by Mahmoud Ramadan, and financial director of MR1 Abed Al-Ghani Shousha, directed by Yasser Sami.

It is noteworthy that, the last concert of the star, Mohamed Ramadan, which was held in the northern coast and raised a banner of the full number, was carried out by Shaw Media Production and headed by Mahmoud Al-Sheikh.

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